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Who vouches for being a museum fan? I bet you have still not seen many museums that exist in this small country. The Netherlands is a land of museums. Do you know, this country has a little more than 1000 museums. Almost 3 times the number of days in a year. You can easily spend a few hours visiting one new museum daily and still, there will be a lot to choose from.

Well for me the journey into the museums started from the Rijksmuseum. It is located at the Museumplein, a place that stands out all on its own. A picturesque enclosure where children could play on the swings and run around in the open, adults can sip a coffee in the cold winter in the middle of the huge gardens, facing the Rijksmuseum. The expanse fills your eyes with admiration, and it feels so enchanting that sitting idle won’t bore you either.

The same square also hosts the Stedelijk and Moco museum and the world’s renowned museum the “Van Gogue”. We had planned to visit the museums along with a friend who was an ardent art lover. We picked her up from the Dam Square, the main center of Amsterdam, and then we made our way to Concert Gebouw (Building), where we all sat for a coffee. The Concert Building itself looked like an impressive bold structure well-coordinated in terms of color and elegance. It gave the square a very royal look. 

As we sat in the coffee hall my friend acquainted us with the Amsterdam community and also the renowned artists whose works we were going to appreciate. We then stepped to delve into the art city and visit closely the works of Rembrandt and Van Gogue. It was a dream come true to learn about these world-famous artists.

Over the years, I got to know more about museums and the right time to visit them. My lack of Dutch language though made me miss the timely information for which I paid a price by paying the entry tickets everywhere. Well now you can make the best use of the information I gathered, and visit this link

For the museum lovers, just bear in mind that this event comes up every year on the first Saturday of November. Also, you must know that you need to buy a pass which is available for a nominal price and gives you entry to around 50 museums from 7 pm to 2 am. 

There is also a museum weekend when most of the museums are open to the public for free and some museums have discounted entry, in the month of April. For all details about the museum entry tickets, timings just logon to

Watch out for these discounts and enjoy immersing yourself for once unveiling the magic of these museums because living in the Netherlands, you just cannot miss being a museum enthusiast.

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