Reflections of the magical spell…

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The morning due on a lush grass
like little pearls of sunlight
the grazing cattle scattered like clouds when I look around
seems like a piece of heaven on the dales in springtime.

Summer so brief, still enchants my soul
the wind in my hair and the hot sun on my back
the playfulness of kids and chirpiness of birds
brings the people of the Netherlands on the biking track

Autumn comes in and changes the colour of the leaves
bid adieu in resplendent glory
a new crispness and a subtle chill
gets to alert the approach of winter so weary

Winter has its own records
winds and snow strip the skin, so I pull up my scarf
gloves and coats heat up my body that chills
Till I enter the insulated room and warm up my frozen half

The weather reminds me of the eternal beauty the land has
that prepares me to enjoy the churn
flipping through the pages of my memory book
I relive all the seasons turn by turn

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