Hi and Welcome to “Tulip Talks”. My name is Jagdeep Kaur and I want you to slice the tautness from your head if you are contemplating to integrate in the Netherlands.

I started my journey in this paradise in 2010 and since then there has been no looking back. My experiences, relationships, interactions brought unexpected outcomes and today if I keep them to myself it would be totally unfair.

In the process of trying to be Dutch I committed a lot of mistakes -some funny and some life changing lessons. Gradually, I realized becoming Dutch is a process which begins when you start embracing their culture and immersing yourself completely in their colours. Keeping this in mind, slowly amidst the Dutch social and cultural tides, I managed to comprehend the Dutch dynamics which essentially gave me the impetus to share my feelings with you.

I love the fact that despite being an expat, I can have my own voice and freedom and still gracefully be a part of the Dutch society. They always appreciate your expression and do not discriminate on the basis of caste or color. 

Well then, what’s the catch? 

“Tulip Talks” unveils this catch and helps you ease your life as an expat. As we develop our relationship through my writings, I intend to share my personal experiences and life stories of other expats who have come here from across the globe and made this country their own home.These expats are some eminent role models who I met on my way and they stood as an inspiration to me in this Dutch land. I strongly believe that we should learn from our past and share our experiences with others so that everybody can take advantage of it. I hope our connection helps you learn and drives you successfully through your integration journey…

" It's important to bloom wherever we are..."