Hot Or Cold?

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Early morning when I wake up
My eyes crave for you
A few steps away from me
I see you and I rush to you

The moment I feel your heat
My energy doubles
You give me much needed strength each day
To face the work that piles up everyway

Zillion times a day I sit with you
Alone or in company, you stick to me the way I do
Moment I reach home, after a hectic day
You are the only one, who freshens up my way

I can spend time endlessly, if you are with me
Without reason, in all seasons
You bring me chill when it is hot
And you keep me cozy when it is not

You are there with different names
But in any form, I love your games
Sometimes bubbly, sometimes smoky
Sometimes sweet and sour you could be

I like it when you are chocolaty and spicy
But your mellow winey taste makes me crazy
Anything I can change in life,
but you not in it, I cannot think about

My day starts with you and ends with you
You are my love of life
Hot or Cold …you accompany me in my strife
I feel proud, when I hold you and today I want to tell the world that without you my life is untrue…

I can find you in every corner
So, wherever you are in Starbucks, Barista or Costa Coffee
My love for you will never end…
I love my cup of coffee and I know all coffee lovers love their coffee too 🙂

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