The other side of the Pandemic- The Reset Model

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They say, never let any crisis go waste
So why not make time for things we had no taste

Let’s upskill or reskill
Let’s bring hurry to a standstill

Let’s do things one by one
Let’s pick up any hobby and look at things undone

It’s time we come closer to the people we love
And do things for them which we often shrug

There is no tomorrow, there is no past
Today is what we have and that’s going to last

Do not overrate the crisis
Just revaluate your lifestyle and fight your vices

Precision experience will be the order of the day
Making everyone feel special will now be the life’s way

Innovation in human spirit shall be the guiding light
Reimagining everything will be life’s new highlight

Leaders without expertise, will have to leave
Specialised services will be the norm to believe

This crisis will lead to our life’s complete reset
Bringing our mental models to a new onset

This is the time to do things with a difference
As every disruption helps us accept changes without resistance

Crisis brought us together, so let’s chalk the new rules
Together we can and together we will build the new tools

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