Dad- The Eternal Superman

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(Dedicated to all dad’s…) 

“Dad”, a word so small but holds a lot of weight

He stands up with courage with a firm trait

He sets a secure foundation

On which stands every family’s gate 

The depth of his love can only be treasured

The efforts he puts cannot be measured

His dreams are rarely spoken

Because with him are his children’s dreams tethered 

He never looks for praise

As building for his family comforts is his only craze

He just keeps working quietly

To give his children the happy days 

His knowledge and experience are a storehouse of learning

His support and care are always reaffirming

It’s just the dads who despite all odds keep working

And consider the smile on the face of his child as his real earning 

This bond so special which is built over the years

a relation so deep that casts away all fears

an impression that no lifetime can erase

Is the Dad’s love that deserves three cheers

 Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s …


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